I’ve decided that a new blog is a necessity.  Now that I’ve graduated and moved to Orlando, Florida to work for Betsy Hansen I will be doing my best to constantly update my new blog. I will be posting images from my final portfolio, images from photographers I am inspired by and such. Please follow me on my new tumblr account!

Also, I am working on my website and I will post the link on my new blog whenever it is finished. Thanks!

A preview of my portfolio.


the talented miss tara

My very good friend Tara in Greenville NC is a metals major at ECU and she asked me to photograph some of her work. So far we have done two separate sessions. This is the first.


While I was in California, my friend Porter took me up to Topanga and we did a few different photo shoots.

long overdue.

Since I’ve gotten back from California, I have been shooting as much new material as I possibly can for my final portfolio.

Here are some out takes of my friend Sasha in the studio.


Here are the lovely folks at the Julia Dean Photo Workshops that I’ve had the pleasure working with for the last two months. We went out in the crazy wind and bright sunlight to try and shoot the staff photo for the new catalog. All of our original plans to shoot on the boardwalk at dusk and out on the beach was thrown out when the wind decided to take over the streets of Venice. We stopped on a little walk street off the side of the boardwalk and found a shady spot with barely any wind. I wish we would have had more time to do a more creative shot, but I was still so stoked that they asked me to do it. Here’s what will be in the next catalog. From left to right: Julia, Pilar, Chris, Brandon

I’ve had time at my internship with Julia Dean Photo Workshops to work on quite a few things that I neglected to dive into due to school and what not, so I decided to revisit some past photo shoots and edit. This was such a fun photo shoot with a friend of mine Jack who also goes to RCC for photography.