joint project.

In our Advertising Photography class, we have a joint project with the graphic design students.  We have to come up with a campaign for basically anything, and present it in four different types of media. Our group has chosen a campaign for pet adoption. We want to portray a positive, humorous spin on making your pet a part of the family. We had our first photo shoot yesterday and it was very interesting. Here is an image I have been working on. Thanks to Justin for having the patience for this and Cocoa for being so awesome.

bathtime with cocoa!

justin definitely had fun!


For our second photo shoot we asked our friend Renee to model at Lindsey’s family diner with Cody, Lindsey’s German Shepherd. Cody did so well, after she realized that whipped cream was her new found love.  Thanks to Jugtown Cafe for letting us shoot in there after hours and Renee for being a great model! Here’s the shot we chose.

Renee & Cody sharing a strawberry milkshake.

our model.


For our third shoot, we decided it would be easiest to photograph it in the studio. It required all three dogs and two models. This was definitely the most difficult so far. We had several folks in the bay with us helping Lindsey wrangle all of the dogs. We asked two first year students, Michael and Elizabeth to model for us, and they did so great! Thanks to everyone who helped, including Renee, Tyler, Kelly, and of course our group Lindsey and Ryan.

snuggle puddle.

cocoa sandwich.



7 responses to “joint project.

  1. Haha, this is too cute. Awesome emotion from both models, and incredible lighting. Way to keep the bubbles in tact – when I attempted a bubble bath shoot, bubbles melted immediately..

  2. Great shot! And I do like the idea of letting pets be more a part of the human comforts at home, seeing as how I am a dog after all. But I guess I got it pretty good…

  3. Elizabeth Ratledge

    This is HILARIOUS! Awesome shot!

  4. these are some chill pups.

  5. I love the shot of Renee and Cody. That is just off the charts adorable.

  6. These are great shots and definitely put a positive spin on pet adoption. Great work.

  7. Samantha McCaskill

    Really like the humorous spin you are putting to this. The shot of Mower is hilarious and the one of Renee and the dog is really cute. Great job! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

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